A Dentist in Wilkes Barre, PA Use a Technology to Provide Dental Care


In a January 16, 2014 article, the DentistryIQ website covers the findings of a significant study involving the use of sedation drugs in dental practice. Using sedatives in dentistry isn’t an entirely new procedure, though not a lot of patients are fully aware that they can opt for this relatively stress-free process. The article highlights the effects of sedative drugs on patients:

“According to the report, there were no significant differences in sedation maintenance, safety, or patient and surgeon satisfaction between the two drugs. Both drugs relieve anxiety and provide sedation, but midazolam can be slow to take effect. Results from the trial show fospropofol to have a quicker reaction time, with patients recovering quicker physically as well. There was no significant difference in cognitive recovery times.”

The number of people who get too anxious about visiting their dentists has become a serious matter. By avoiding dental treatment, these individuals are vulnerable to periodontal complications that mere brushing and flossing can’t solve. Addressing such fear and preventing its resulting oral health complications are the main factors that have given rise to sedation dentistry. Using the right sedatives, a capable sedation dentist in Scranton, PA can administer the right dental treatment and procedure to even the most restless and fearful of patients.

Not to be confused with sleep dentistry, wherein patients are put to sleep for the duration of the procedure, sedation dentistry involves administering sedatives designed to calm down patients, in conjunction with any anesthetic procedure. With sedatives, patients no longer have to quake in fear as they receive proper dental treatment. Highly skilled professionals like Dr. James DeFinnis of the Back Mountain Dental Office, perform sedation dentistry in Scranton to ensure that their patients get the dental care they need, despite their dental fears.