Ask a Cosmetic Dentist: Can Teeth with Braces be Effectively Whitened?

Ask a Cosmetic Dentist: Can Teeth with Braces be Effectively Whitened?​​​​​​​

Many people who are wearing traditional and even invisible braces feel restricted when it comes to their options in cosmetic dentistry. Patients who undergo orthodontic treatment plans that are aimed at correcting teeth alignment often express doubt as to whether they can still get their teeth whitened. If you ask a cosmetic dentist from practices serving the Wilkes Barre area, the short answer will be “yes”. Using the proper whitening methods, a dentist can help you get a brighter smile while you’re still working on better alignment and bite

Bleaching Options

Bleaching is the most recommended type of teeth whitening for patients with braces, particularly one done in the dental office by your dentist. The strength of in-office bleaching is highly effective that it produces a two-tone effect you may notice after your braces have been removed. It doesn’t interfere with the purpose of your braces and can easily be performed by your dentist. The effects would even be better if you are wearing invisible braces like Invisalign®, as your dentist can easily just take it off for the procedure and have you put it back on afterwards.

Another bleaching option available to you is at-home bleaching, in which the dentist will give you whitening trays you can easily use at your convenience. Again, this method would be much easier for people wearing Invisalign® because the trays can be removed.

While both options produce great results, it is still ideal to ask a cosmetic dentist from practices like Back Mountain Dental near Wilkes-Barre for the best option for you. You might have teeth sensitivity or gum issues that would require a different type of whitening.

Other Whitening Tips

If you are uncomfortable with having your teeth whitened while you are still wearing your braces, you can always turn to other methods. Using whitening toothpastes with the American Dental Academy Seal of Acceptance is a good low-cost alternative. Specially formulated whitening tooth pastes can remove the staining on the surface of your teeth and strengthen the enamel with fluoride; it may not make your teeth whiter by a few shades but it gets the job done of removing unsightly visible stains. Whitening strips can also be recommended for people who have just one row of teeth with braces.

Don’t be afraid of asking your dentist about other whitening options that won’t interfere with your goal to get a straighter smile.