Fighting Dental Fear-A Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes Barre Introduces Sedation Dentistry

Fighting Dental Fear-A Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes Barre Introduces Sedation Dentistry

Adrian Rogers of The Spokesman-Review discusses the role of sedation dentistry in providing dental attention or treatment. Rogers used the story of 31-year old Chuck Gamache, who had his impacted wisdom tooth removed by Dr. James Hood; Hood, in turn showed how effective sedation is in preventing a patient from panicking (which often leads to complications). Rogers also identifies the levels of sedation and how they are administered.

Like a growing tooth, the City of Wilkes Barre is a rapidly developing city that houses skilled dentists who perform quality sedation dentistry. Whether a patient like Gamache needs cosmetic or constructive dentistry, sedation will help reduce anxiety and help keep a treatment smooth. “Dentists say sedation eases visits for both the patient and the dentist, in some cases enabling people whose anxiety kept them from the dentist for years to finally be treated. It also boosts bills, extends appointment times and carries its own set of medical risks.”

There are various types of sedation and each is administered depending on the severity of the dental condition and the invasiveness of the procedure required. For invasive procedures such as impacted wisdom tooth extraction, like the case of Gamache, intravenous (IV) sedation works better. It allows the body to relax but keeps it responsive to the verbal stimulation of a Wilkes Barre cosmetic dentist.

Because IV sedation works instantly, it offers a greater degree of control than pills, which need time to work through a patient’s system The cost of sedation depends on the form, and some insurers cover some forms. IV sedation goes into the hundreds of dollars.

Studies show more patients nationwide are opting for conscious sedation, said Dr. Jared Evans, president of the Spokane District Dental Society. Besides making panicky patients like Gamache feel calm during their treatment, sedation often also causes at least some amnesia, reducing the risk of trauma for people with anxiety – and making it more likely they’ll come back.

No one can treat dental conditions or correct dental infirmities better than a dentist. However, half of the success is defined by the patient’s physical response to a procedure. With sedation dentisty, a cosmetic dentist in Wilkes-Barre can guarantee minimized risk of complications or side effects, cosidering that the patients body will be more submissive to any stimulation. Different methods, aside from sedation, are being developed to handle dental fear.