Food a Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes Barre might Recommend for your Smile

Food a Cosmetic Dentist in Wilkes Barre might Recommend for your Smile

Life in Pennsylvania can be made so much easier with a nice smile. This isn’t just because of the fact that you essentially brighten up everyone’s day with one, but also because of the confidence boost that it offers. This is essentially why your local Wilkes Barre cosmetic dentistry consistently works to help you maintain and restore the beauty of your smile. Nonetheless, while there certainly are kinds of food that could stain and ruin your teeth, there are also many that can in fact help you the way your dentist does.

Cheese and Dairy

Calcium and phosphorous are the two main benefits that dairy products can offer your teeth. Not only is calcium the main component of your pearly whites (thus a deficiency of this mineral will most likely lead to decay), but it also helps protect your teeth from the acids fermented by microorganisms from most of the food that you consume. Aside from this, dairy goods are also an excellent source of vitamin D.


These vegetables act as a cleaner for your teeth, in more ways than one. First, just about any crunchy vegetable you eat naturally cleanses your teeth’s enamel and keeps them white as you chew on them. Secondly, the Vitamin A it provides serve as an even bigger reinforcement, as it strengthens the enamel itself from damage.


According to an article in Delta Dental, drinking tea can help whiten and protect your teeth:

“Tea contains compounds that interact with plaque and either kill or suppress bacteria, preventing them from growing or producing tooth-attacking acid. This not only helps to prevent cavities, but also reduces inflammation and the chances of gum disease. Depending on the type of water you use to brew your tea, a cup of tea can also be a source of fluoride. Just remember: don’t add sugar to your tea.”


You might think that the acidity of lemon makes it counterintuitive to your teeth’s health. In fact, though, the acid itself helps kill bacteria that might cause tooth decay and bad mouth odors, so it works as hard as your typical toothpaste. However, you might want to rinse off the lemon juice after a few seconds in your mouth to wash off the residual acid.

Your local cosmetic dentist in Wilkes-Barre may have the best teeth whitening techniques around, but without proper care, you can easily slip back into having discoloured, not-so-pearly teeth. Of course, whitening should always be accompanied by responsible oral hygiene practices and regular visits to dentists like Back Mountain Dental.