How Can I Whiten My Teeth Quickly?

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Living in a time where there is greater pressure to conform to a certain standard of beauty, it is little wonder that so many of us strive to look our very best at all times. However, this doesn’t just mean the trendiest hairstyles and clothes. Many people are also feeling the pressure when it comes to their smiles. A white smile is considered to look healthier and more attractive to the people around us. Unfortunately, naturally white teeth are something that most of us find impossible to retain. This is because, over time, the foods and drinks we consume can discolor and stain our teeth. Smoking is also a habit known for damaging not only your oral health, but the color of your teeth too, causing them to take on a yellowish hue

While the day to day appearance of your teeth may not have bothered you too much before, sometimes the arrival of a special event such as a party or wedding can trigger the desire to improve them. However, if you only have a little time to make the transformation, you may well be wondering what you can do to whiten your teeth in a hurry. While there are many different products that claim to be able to whiten your teeth, their effectiveness and the speed at which they can produce results can vary widely. So, how can you whiten your teeth quickly?

How do I know what products will really brighten my smile?

Unless you have been walking down your grocery stores aisles with your eyes closed, you have probably noticed countless dental products all claiming to have whitening ability. These can vary from toothpastes and mouthwashes to special gels and lights. However, the goods that you can buy in stores and over the counter only has very low-grade whitening ingredients. Unsurprisingly, this means that the degree to which they can lighten your teeth is minimal, building up over weeks, months and even years of repetitive use. Many people who have opted for these treatments find that the results are short-lived unless the treatment is continued.

Nevertheless, there are treatments available that can significantly brighten and whiten your smile in a very short space of time. These come in the form of professional whitening services.

What is professional teeth whitening and how is it different to whitening products?

Provided by dentists who offer cosmetic dentistry services, professional whitening can be performed in two different ways. Firstly, many dentists offer take-home whitening trays. These are supplied with a much higher-grade of whitening chemical than you can buy in stores, meaning that the amount of lightening that takes place is far greater in just one treatment. You take the trays and the chemicals home, along with specific instructions, and whiten your own teeth at home. There is usually enough whitening agent supplied for several treatments, and you will be told what frequency these should be performed in. (Whitening sessions cannot be performed back to back as this could have an adverse effect on your teeth and make them painfully sensitive).

The other option is in-office whitening that is carried out using the highest grade of whitening agent possible. In this type of procedure, the whitening chemicals are pasted on to your teeth by your dentist. This has the distinct advantage of offering you the best possible consistency of results, as your dentist can ensure even coverage of the chemical and application of the curing light.

Studies have shown that professional teeth whitening can whiten your teeth and significantly improve the appearance of your smile after just one session. The results of the treatment have also been proven to be longer-lasting. If you are looking for fast and effective tooth whitening, professional whitening services are the only sure way of achieving this.

Habits to change

Whichever type of whitening you choose, there are some habits that you need to change if you are to sustain your results and minimize any future discoloration or staining. These include:

–         Quit smoking! Nicotine staining is unavoidable and unsightly. The only way to prevent it is to ditch this unhealthy habit.

–         Limit your consumption of foods and drinks containing tannins. Tannin is a naturally-occurring substance found in many commodities including carrots, coffee, red wine, chocolate and berries. By limiting your consumption of these, and ensuring you brush your teeth as quickly as possible after eating them, you can minimize the impact that they will have on the color of your smile.

–         Brush your teeth properly. You simply cannot underestimate the importance of daily brushing using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste. Rinse with mouthwash and don’t forget to floss!

–         Drink plenty of water. Water washes away any food debris or colorings that could stain your teeth.

–         Use a straw when you drink. This can help keep stains away from your teeth. You can now invest in reusable metal straws and even edible straws that are good for the environment too!

–         Get your teeth professionally cleaned. Your dentist or hygienist will be happy to perform a deep clean of your teeth. With tools and access to your teeth that you simply can’t mimic at home, your professionals will be able to ensure that your teeth are as clean and stain-free as they possibly can be!

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth and are looking for a brighter, whiter and more attractive smile fast, our experienced and skilled dental team would be happy to assist. Please call us to book an appointment and get in touch with our cosmetic dentist at Back Mountain Dental.