Prettify Your Smile: Cosmetic Dentist Debunks Top Myths about Veneers


A smile can lighten up people’s moods, communicates happiness, and undeniably makes one more eye-catching. It’s no surprise, therefore, that a lot of people invest in cosmetic procedures to make their smile brighter and more attractive. Among the most widely used dental aesthetic materials are veneers—thin shells that resemble enamels, which can be bonded to the teeth to create a smile that’s close to perfect.

Unfortunately, many have developed misconceptions about dental veneers, primarily due to negative experiences like a poor fit and lack of proper care. Several dental offices in Dallas, PA offer veneers, but it helps to ensure that your dentist is really adept in cosmetic practice—someone who can easily debunk the following myths about veneers:

Myth 1: It’s so thin, it will break of easily.

Fact: Modern veneers are super-thin but they are designed with superior engineering. They’re a close second to the strength of natural teeth. It has a life expectancy, though, but with proper care it can last from 5 to 12 years. To set things straight, however, note that veneers are highly prone to chipping if you have the fondness for biting and chewing hard food, which are not good for your natural teeth either.

Myth 2: Your tooth will be filed down before veneers can be attached.

Fact: This makes veneer attachment sound a bit too harsh. It’s true that reshaping may be needed, but the degree varies between people and most veneers are now ultra-thin. There are varieties even, such as Lumineers® by Cerinate®, that require no grinding nor shaving of the tooth structure. In Dallas PA, Back Mountain Dental is among the few practices with a cosmetic dentist certified to work with porcelain veneers from Cerinate®.

Myth 3: Veneers are so white that they look fake.

Fact: This is true years ago but modern veneers are basically translucent, letting your natural teeth color shine through. Clinicians of even more advanced practices use technology that expertly copies the color, shape, and thickness of the natural teeth, resulting in a seamless blend and more natural-looking smile.

Myth 4: Their use is limited to cosmetics.

Fact: Veneers can significantly enhance your entire face by highlighting your cheekbones, making your lips appear plumper, hiding teeth imperfections such as discoloration and crookedness, and making your face appear more symmetrical—but it doesn’t end there. Veneers can also be used to restore molars, and replace worn out or misshapen teeth.

People who’ve suffered from dental trauma, tooth decay, and teeth discoloration can highly benefit from veneers. If this is your or a loved one’s case, consult a cosmetic dentist from a recognized practice now and see how veneers can help restore your smile and confidence.