Dental Implants in Shavertown

Losing teeth is a traumatic experience for many people because having missing teeth dramatically changes your appearance. Fortunately, our dentists at Back Mountain Dental in Shavertown have several solutions for replacing missing teeth.

One solution that is becoming more popular is getting dental implants. However, potential implant recipients must qualify to receive them.

Reasons Patients Don't Qualify for Implants

The main reason that patients do not qualify to receive implants is due to deteriorated jawbones. If a patient had gum disease involving their jaw, then the bone may have deteriorated to the point it is no longer dense or deep enough to support implants. However, with a bone graft, some patients may then qualify for them.

Fallen Sinuses

Another reason that patients don't qualify to receive implants is fallen sinuses. If your upper teeth are missing, eventually, your sinuses could drop, which would interfere with embedding implants into your upper jaw.

By undergoing Back Mountain Dental, you could qualify for getting dental implants in Shavertown to replace teeth in the upper jaw.

Gum Disease Damage

Periodontitis, which is a gum disease, can cause severe damage to a jaw and make you ineligible to receive implants. However, our dentists near you in Shavertown will carefully evaluate your gums, teeth, and jaw to discover if your jaws are capable of supporting implants with a bone graft.

If so, they will discuss the surgery and the healing process with you to find out if you wish to have the graft.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Instead of undergoing surgeries to support full-size implants, our dentists in Back Mountain Dental may discuss the option of mini implants and getting dentures instead of using full-sized implants. Instead of going into the jaw, mini implants sit on top of it with the gum over them to hold them in place.

Then, after healing from the surgery, the denture is placed on the mini-implants. Along with giving you the full function of teeth, the denture plate will improve the appearance of your teeth. Our dental implant dentist near you in Shavertown can improve how your teeth look and function by recommending dental implants.