We offer urgent dental care at Back Mountain Dental. We are happy to serve patients from Shavertown, PA, and the surrounding towns. Don’t hesitate to call us at 570-763-4360 for all your emergency dental care needs.

Emergency Dentist Near You

At our Shavertown dental clinic, we know that dental emergencies tend to occur at the most inconvenient times. For that reason, we don’t want anyone to suffer after Back Mountain Dental has closed for the day. Instead, we provide emergency dentistry when you need it. We also recognize a dental emergency can cause a lot of pain and stress. Many patients panic in these situations, especially if they need to find a new dentist right away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and meet our staff. When you're faced with a dental emergency, there is no time to research dental practices to find which dentists offer emergency care. Therefore, you should always have a list of emergency medical professionals on hand, including an experienced and reliable walk-in dentist near Shavertown. There is no way to predict when a dental trauma or bad tooth pain will strike. It's important to always have the contact information of a dentist that provides emergency dental services. Dental emergencies occur anywhere and at any time. There are many types of dental emergencies caused by:
  • a fractured or chipped tooth
  • a knocked-out tooth
  • a loosened tooth
  • a mouth trauma
  • a repositioned tooth
  • a severe mouth infection
If you come into our Shavertown dental office bleeding or in pain, we will identify the cause. Then, Dr. DeFinnis will discuss available treatment options to help restore your oral health. If necessary, he will also prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. We want you to feel better before you leave the office and go back at home. Additionally, an ice pack or cold compress helps manage pain and swelling.

Urgent Dental Care

The longer you wait before seeing the dentist, the more likely you are to suffer from nerve damage or permanent tooth loss, so don’t wait. We have an after-hour answering service to ensure that your message can get to Dr. DeFinnis as fast as possible.