Sedation Dentistry #NoFearDentistry


IV is a technique used by specially trained dentists like Dr. James DeFinnis to keep patients comfortably sedated through an entire appointment. Unlike general anesthesia, which also is delivered intravenously, IV is a form of conscious sedation where the patient is never completely asleep.

What is IV Sedation?

Sleep through your entire dental visit and awaken to the smile of your dreams! Dr. James DeFinnis is the sedation dentist that Wilkes Barre and Scranton residents can trust to provide optimum care. This type of dentistry is a safe and effective means of achieving complex dental treatment in one appointment through monitored anesthesia care. You can finally get all of your dental work done with no anxiety, no pain, and no memory of the procedure. Sleep dentistry is perfect for adults afraid of the dentist office or for those too busy to come to multiple dental visits. Don’t let your fear of the dentist office stop you from getting your much needed dentistry done. IV is quickly becoming a popular way for people to have dentistry done. What’s your anxiety of the dentist office- is it the sound, the smell, the fear of pain? By telling us your bad experience or your worries, we can help you overcome your anxiety. Dr. James DeFinnis and his staff are trained to help people with anxiety which make it difficult to get their dental work done. If you are one of these patients, know that we are here to help you and we appreciate the courage it took for you to come in and see us. Relax and know that you have come to a place with people who understand. For our general dentistry patients, do you have multiple cavities or multiple other issues and just don’t have time to keep coming back to the dentist to get the work done? It is possible that we can get your mouth healthy fixing those issues. You’ll wake up and have the smile you always wanted.

IV Sedation vs. Oral “Magic Pill / Twilight” Sedation

Dr. James DeFinnis routinely sees patients who’ve had work attempted by dentists that perform “magic pill/ twilight sedation”. He is trusted by patients to treat more unique cases and dental phobics in and around the Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, PA area. IV sedation method is much safer, the medications are reversible instantaneously, at our office we monitor patients as in a hospital setting, and IV is a true conscious sedation instead of a mere anxiolytic or (“Magic Pill”). Oral sedation is fine, but only for certain patients and procedures! Unfortunately, oral doesn’t always sedate patients effectively and they end up with a bad or misleading experience. Always ask the questions, “who will be performing my sedation, who will be doing the procedures, is it IV or oral sedation, and will I be awake during and remember the procedure?” Be assured our nurse anesthetist (CRNA) monitors your sedation and Dr. James DeFinnis is in charge of your care at all times. Some of our more anxious patients find it more comfortable to be sleeping for simply their routine cleanings. We have other patients who benefit from being sedated to have more extensive work done such as full mouth restoration. Through sleep dentistry, our patients needing full mouth rehabilitation appreciate that we can make the procedure more comfortable with little, if any, memory of the procedure. You can wake up with a new set of teeth. There is now no need to go to a dental office where you are only given local anesthetics and are awake during your treatment.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

IV is very safe as well as effective. Dr. James DeFinnis has received advanced training specifically designed to increase the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, and has been certified and licensed by the state. Your vital signs will be constantly monitored from the moment you arrive at the office through the appointment, and until Dr. James DeFinnis is certain you are ready to leave. In fact, he and the whole dental team are highly trained in safety and emergency procedures, making the dentist office one of the safest places you can be!

IV Procedure is for-

  • You are uncomfortable in a dentists’ office
  • You are too scared to even call the dentist and make an appointment
  • You can’t stand the smell and sounds of a dentist office
  • You are delaying treatment you know you need
  • You are in pain when you eat, but too anxious about the dentist to take care of it
  • You are unable to find a dentist that you feel you can trust
  • You have trouble getting numb – the anesthetic doesn’t seem to work on you
  • You are afraid to smile
  • You are concerned about how many dental appointments you know you’ll need
  • You are looking for a way to have the work of several appointments done in just one or two
  • You remember bad experiences with a dentist in your past
  • You need your wisdom teeth removed (if they are impacted you will need to see an oral surgeon)
  • You have sensitive teeth
  • You have a strong gag reflex, especially when the dentist is working in your mouth
  • You have trouble with jaw soreness when you have to keep your mouth open
  • You have back or neck pain when you sit in a dental chair
  • ANY patients who want little or no memory of their dental procedure
  • Sedation Dentistry at our office is for people that need extensive dental work done we do not sedate for just one tooth. Many times once a new patient comes in and meets the doctor and staff for their consultation they feel comfortable enough to have their procedure done without sedation. Check out our testimonial page and see why choosing us will be the best decision you ever made.

Why Patients Who Have Tried Oral Sedation Come to Us for IV Sedation

  • Oral sedation is not as effective as IV sedation and therefore may not be suitable for most dental phobics.
  • Patients have higher probability of a bad experience as procedures may not be completed because of not being sedated enough with pill form.
  • Not possible to get comprehensive full mouth of restorations completed in one appointment
  • Dentists administering oral sedation typically in Pennsylvania may only give one dose of medication during the appointment unless they are IV certified.
  • Dr. DeFinnis is certified to perform IV conscious sedation and had extensive medical training

What can I expect from an IV Treatment?

There are many different medications and sleep dentistry techniques, so it is best to get specifics from Dr. James DeFinnis. Since you will be receiving medication, you will need a companion to drive you to the appointment. Dr. James DeFinnis will begin by monitoring your vital signs; including heart rate and blood pressure, to make sure that you stay completely safe through the procedure. If you are concerned about getting a needle, Dr. James DeFinnis has techniques to make you comfortable before the IV is started. The dentistry will all be performed while you are relaxed and totally comfortable. When it is safe for you to travel, your companion will take you home, and then you will rest comfortably for the rest of the day.

Education Requirements for Conscious IV vs. Oral Sedation Trained Dentist

IV sedation dentists have to have formal training in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and need substantial outpatient hospital equipment and monitoring devices in the office. Moreover, they require hospital based formal training in IV sedation from an American Dental Association accredited post graduate program. Dr. James DeFinnis had post graduate hospital based residency training and multiple continuing education classes in this area. Our conscious IV treatment is very safe as the medications used can be reversed at any time and very quickly as opposed to an oral sedation. Our process is not like a hospital treatment where you cannot control yourself or are “completely under”, or unconscious. Our IV procedure allows you to be shaken awake on the shoulder if we need to ask you a question, such as to ask if you need anything to maintain your comfort or to be numbed more. Most of our patients sleep as they normally do in a very good night’s sleep —and we are used to hearing snoring on many occasion! It’s just very good, comfortable sleep. We give you medications that help you not remember the procedures and we wake you up before you leave. You will still be groggy. Some patients relax and sleep the rest of the day and some patients have reported they were up and shopping by the afternoon. Everyone is different. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with your trusted sedation dentist in Wilkes Barre and Scranton, call us at 570-506-8300. ​​​​​​​ We offer cosmetic, family, and sedation dentistry services. We serve Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Dallas, Kingston, Forty Fort, PA, and the surrounding areas. For more information about us and our services, kindly visit our Contact Us page.