Step-By-Step Explanation of the Process of Getting a Dental Implant

Smiling boy in the dentist chair for getting dental implants in Shavertown, PA.

Tooth loss affects your smile, self-esteem, and ability to speak and eat. It also increases the risk of other oral health issues. You will also have similar problems if you have severely damaged teeth. Therefore, replacing your missing or severely damaged teeth with dental implants is important. Read on for the process of getting dental implants in Shavertown, PA.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are artificial structures used to replace severely damaged or missing teeth. A dental implant consists of several parts put together to resemble the natural tooth structure. It is made up of a metal post, abutment, and a crown. They help restore your smile and improve function.

The metal post mimics natural tooth roots helping to anchor the artificial tooth. It consists of a small titanium stud surgically placed inside or above the jawbone. If the implant is placed inside the jaw bone, it is known as an endosteal implant. However, it is called a subperiosteal implant if it is placed inside the gums but above the jaw bone.

A dental implant has a connecting element known as the abutment. It is a small connector screwed into the implant to connect the artificial tooth to the post. The other part of the implant is a crown representing the tooth’s visible part. If you need multiple teeth replaced, the dentist near you will use dentures or bridges instead of a crown.

The Step-By-Step Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure is a multi-stage process. It involves the traditional method that takes place over several months and the same-day system. Below are steps to the conventional dental implant procedure.

  1. Consultation and evaluation

The process begins with a consultation with a dentist specializing in dental implants. They will explain what the procedure entails and the expected outcome. Once you understand how tooth implants work, the dentist will proceed to the evaluation stage.

They will comprehensively examine your mouth and review your dental and medical history. The evaluation also involves taking x-rays and CT scans of your jaw around the missing or damaged tooth. After the assessment, the dentist will create a unique treatment plan.

  1. Damaged tooth removal

This step is necessary if you replace a damaged tooth instead of a missing one. The dentist will administer a sedative and anesthetic before extracting the damaged tooth.

  1. Jawbone preparation

Your jawbone must be healthy and sufficient to support a dental implant. If you miss a tooth long, the jawbone is absorbed back into the body. Therefore, the dentist needs to restore it before placing the implant. They will perform a bone graft procedure to reinstate healthy bone at the site. However, they will skip this stage if you have a healthy and sufficient jawbone to support an implant.

  1. Dental implant placement

The dentist will make an incision into the gum at the socket of the missing tooth to access the jawbone. Next, they will drill a small hole into the jawbone and place the titanium post inside. They will then put a healing cap on the implant and suture the gums to allow them to heal. The dentist will administer sedatives and anesthesia to prevent pain or dental anxiety.

  1. Osseointegration

It will take 3-6 months for the jaw bone to fuse with the implant, a process known as Osseointegration. The bone tissue merges with the implant creating a sturdy foundation to support a crown, bridge, or dentures. Your dentist will guide you to ensure you heal properly.

  1. Connector placement

Once the dentist ascertains the post is secure, they will attach an abutment or connector. They will uncover the gum, remove the healing cap then fix the abutment. Next, they may close the gums or put a temporary restoration on the connector.

  1. Artificial tooth placement

After about two weeks, the dentist will take 3D images of the area with the implant and the surrounding teeth. Then, they use the photos to design customized artificial crowns, dentures or bridges. Once they are ready, the dentist will attach the fake teeth to the implant.

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