The Difference between a Same-Day Crown and a Regular Crown

Smiling girl feeling happy after knowing about same day crowns in Shavertown, PA.

Many people are unaware that same-day crowns are just as helpful as traditional crowns when restoring a tooth after a root canal or with extreme damage from decay, cracks, discoloration, et cetera. A traditional crown requires time and money, while a same-day crown merely requires visiting a provider offering CEREC crowns near you.

Dentistry advances now make available a dental crown fabricated by using the CEREC technology in one visit without the burden of wearing temporary crowns over your teeth after they are reshaped and waiting for three weeks or more to receive the final restoration. CEREC technology enables your dentist to offer you one-visit crowns in Shavertown, PA, immediately after reshaping your tooth and having you wait in the reception without temporary crowns to restore your tooth in one visit. Therefore the primary difference between a traditional and a same-day crown is the time difference between getting your restoration or enduring temporary crowns over your tooth.

The Fundamentals of Traditional and Same-Day Crowns

Traditional Crowns

Traditional crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory by a technician. Traditional crowns are handmade using materials like metals, porcelain, fused to metal, et cetera. Traditional crowns require two visits to your dentist for tooth reshaping and taking a mold, getting temporary acrylic crowns over the tooth for protection until the dental lab technician returns your permanent restoration in about three weeks. Meanwhile, you must endure the temporary crowns and revisit the dentist in three weeks to receive your permanent dental crown from the dentist.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Same-day CEREC crowns are unlike the teeth cap you receive if you prefer traditional dental crowns. When you visit the Shavertown provider to restore your tooth, they complete the entire procedure by fabricating your CEREC crown during your first appointment.

The procedure for receiving a same-day crown is similar to a traditional one. The dentist must reshape your tooth to accommodate a restoration by removing tooth enamel past the dentin after giving you local anesthesia. However, the dentist does not manually make impressions of your teeth, instead using a handheld scanner to capture images of the prepared tooth and transfer them to the CEREC machine to customize your dental crown in the dental office as you wait in the reception or walk around the clinic window shopping.

The dentist uses a ceramic block to fabricate your dental restoration and requires merely two hours to have your crown ready for installation. As same-day crowns are fabricated immediately, the dentist does not place temporary crowns over the prepared tooth but have you wait in the dental office for the restoration in one visit. Therefore if you prefer restoring your tooth in one visit instead of two same-day crowns should be your preferred option.

Which Option Should You Consider Traditional or CEREC Crowns?

The restoration you want over your damaged or decayed entirely depends on your preference. If you want a durable option with different materials like metals, including gold and stainless steel, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, et cetera, you will find traditional crowns more suited for your needs. However, you must endure multiple visits to your dentist in Shavertown and manage the temporary crowns over your prepared tooth for three weeks before you can get your permanent restoration. Therefore, it indicates you must prepare yourself for multiple dental visits to get your tooth restored with traditional crowns.

If you are unwilling to commit to multiple appointments with your dentist and are confident the CEREC crowns fabricated from ceramic suit your needs because you get them in one visit to the Shavertown provider, you can select the same-day crowns to restore your tooth with durable dental crown fabricated entirely from ceramic.

Ceramic dental crowns are not weaker than traditional dental crowns because the restoration is fabricated from durable material which lasts on your teeth for a decade or more with proper care. Conventional dental crowns also have a similar lifespan and depend on the care you provide them for durability.

After you get your tooth restored with a traditional or a CEREC dental crown, the dentist provides after-care instructions to keep the restored tooth in excellent condition. Besides maintaining excellent dental hygiene and regular checkups and cleanings, the dentist advises proper cleaning around the crowned tooth to ensure you don’t allow dental plaque to accumulate around it to become a victim of tooth decay in the underlying natural tooth covered by the dental crown. If your restored tooth attracts tooth decay from beneath the restoration, you may have to schedule additional appointments with the dentist to repair your tooth and fix it with a new dental crown.

Damaged or decayed teeth are restored with dental crowns available in one appointment or multiple from dentists. However, if you want to avoid scheduling multiple appointments to restore your tooth, Back Mountain  Dental provides CEREC crowns in one visit. Therefore it helps if you schedule an appointment with them today to determine which dental crown best suits your needs.