Visit Your Dentist in Dallas, PA to Whiten Stained or Yellowing Teeth

Visit Your Dentist in Dallas, PA to Whiten Stained or Yellowing Teeth​​​​​​​

Yellowing teeth may not be an immediate health concern, yet they can be embarrassing and could put other people off. An article posted on the ABC 13 website discusses a few tips on how people can whiten their teeth and minimize staining, as advised by a UT Dental School professor:… [Experts] say [you should drink whole milk in your coffee rather than skim milk or no milk at all] because it’s the fat that prevents the staining……[If] you eat acidic foods, or rooty fibrous foods, better yet a combination of both, it will whiten your teeth… [Think] of citrus fruits like oranges. Also, strawberries have an acid that can whiten teeth.…[Papaya], ginger root and pineapple also work because they have natural enzymes that whiten too.If you’re a tea drinker, here’s your tip: choose iced over hot tea, because hot drinks stain more than cold drinks!Teeth stains and yellowing aren’t entirely avoidable, and the rate at which they proliferate depends on how a person takes care of their teeth. As people age, their teeth naturally get darker because the mineral structure changes. Specifically, the enamel or the outer surface of the teeth deteriorates and is more vulnerable to staining from food, tobacco and bacteria. Of course, acidic foods and similar substances such as cola can also aggravate the demineralization of teeth, as well as staining.Thankfully, individuals can still restore their teeth to a healthy white glow by visiting a trusted cosmetic dentist in Dallas, PA. Their dentist can whiten teeth by using a peroxide solution to open up the pores of the enamel and reach the darker color dentin within, making the teeth appear whiter.It may take several treatments to get a white and bright smile, so patients should persevere for a better-looking smile. It would do well to seek a reputable Dallas, PA cosmetic dentist like Dr. James DeFinnis of Back Mountain Dental to accomplish the process. A professional dentist can ensure that the procedure can deliver favorable results, and could offer other cosmetic services such as veneers in order to enhance teeth further. (Article Excerpt and Image from Foods that whiten your teeth, ABC13, Published October 18, 2013