What a Dentist in Wilkes Barre Can Learn About Charitable Programs


An article on the California Dental Association’s website details how Benco Dental, a Pennsylvania-based dental equipment provider is now making a difference on the opposite coast through their charitable efforts. The company aims to aid the CDA through a number of important donations in the form of equipment and supplies:

Benco’s significant level of support for the San Diego program will come in the form of much-needed supplies, including burs, anesthetic, needles, sutures, Prophy Paste and Prophy Angles, disinfecting wipes, and personal protective equipment such as disposable gowns, masks and gloves. Community involvement is one of the key principles this family business operates under.

Benco Dental’s latest charitable contributions serve to underscore the immense amount of growth that the company has experienced since it was just a small and privately-owned business that served clients in and around Pennsylvania. The company has only to expand its reach even more, working to service numerous dental practices in the region.

All of the growing the company has done since it first opened back in 1930 has helped not only the typical dentist in Wilkes Barre, but also the professionals who belong to larger hospitals and even those based in nearby states. The expansion of Benco Dental has worked to further the operations of several dental practices within the area, with companies such as Back Mountain Dental and several others in the industry benefiting from their top-notch supplies. It is the support that the company has received from its immediate clients that has enabled it to expand without harm, and the business of these local dentistry practices has also indirectly led to Benco Dental being capable of acting as a major sponsor for the CDA Cares program.

Benco Dental is also supplying more than just dental equipment; they are also sending volunteers to help with the mission of the CDA Cares program. The added manpower has helped the CDA Cares program provide an even higher level of dental care thus far. It’s no longer just a dentist in Wilkes Barre, PA who can benefit from Benco Dental, especially now that they are expanding and helping more people than ever before.

(From CDA Cares Lands Benco Dental as Major Sponsor, CDA, Published August 7, 2013)